Jun 7, 2006

My ideal crash

Stay by my side, it's over
the ride isn't what I told you
the painkiller-side of this night
is to not look behind
it's over

I have been told about longing
a feeling so old. it's dead.
I must have been misled
so stay be my side. I'm sorry.

I'm drawing myself the ideal crash
but I know I won't believe me.
There'll be a time you'll leave me.

How can a man kill gently
how long before it's all done
how can he leave someone
how can he do it softly?

Right now I need my hands,
to cover this shit up
I need my eyes to see where I'm going,
and I need someone.........

Stay by my side, it's sexy
the way that we talk about stuff
the way that we laugh with love
the way that we're falling off


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