Apr 27, 2007

"Too many people feel unworthy of love"

Sophie Michalitsianos is a classically trained pianist and cellist, born in England, but growing up between there and Australia, with bits of Greece and other parts of Europe scattered about.

At sixteen, Sophie began writing music for television documentaries and swapping her vocal abilities for free studio time at the EMI studios in Australia. For the next few years, labels would approach her with offers, but she refused at that time 'cause she wanted to study music (contemporary composition and orchestration).
She began making a name for herself as Australia's improvising rock cellist, touring with numerous acts.

She moved to the US at twenty-three, where Mark Linkous of Sparklehorse had heard her music and wanted her to join up with them for their tour with Radiohead. Sophie obliged, and afterwards found herself contributing on Sparklehorses albums, Good Morning Spider and Its A Wonderful Life.

Moving to New York, she could finally set up a studio of her own.
She said: "Having the luxury of my own studio was great, but without an engineer to stop me, I destroyed most of what I wrote. To my dismay, my beloved music was turning into a gargantuan mirror and I couldn't stand it. Barely any songs made it out alive; the studio was like a war zone."

Unfortunately this "war zone" came up true: One night, while Sophie was out, there was an explosion in her studio, which promptly melted every piece of gear she owned, taking the whole house and recordings with it. She relocated, and began rebuilding another studio from scratch, and it was here that Sol Seppy began to manifest itself.

Now, she lives in London, and this is her second album with her band, Sol Seppy.

"Human" - το clip περιέχεται στο καινούριο album
The Band: Sol Seppy
The album:
pssscheeow (στη χώρα μας διανέμεται από τη Hich-Hyke)

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Mantalena Parianos said...

"Love... my name is *Human*..."

Anonymous said...

Great video!
thanks Mandelen


Mantalena Parianos said...

Ilkmour >>

YouTube them!
Give their name "Sol Peppy" to the search engine and you'll find some other great videos too.
I remember have seen another one also, which starts with a white bird flying... It' s awesome too.

Have a nice day

meez said...

super !

thanx για το ιντροντιούσινκ .
ταξιδιωτικό πρακτορείο !

loved "1 2"