Mar 28, 2009

GR Bloopers - respect

The Greek neonazi collaboration of N.D. and LA.O.S., the coordinated effort to establish a dictatorship.

They move together to establish a tyrannical regime characterised by oppression and racism.
The Greek administration has been involved in more than 50 scandals during the 5 last years, but since there is no real democracy, they enjoy their immunity, allowing them to continue to be involved in any kind of illegal activity including those related to drugs (narcotics). In order to avoid the elections and the restoration of democracy in the country, they embraced the neonazi party of LAOS in order to be able to enforce "laws" existing only in N. Korea, China, Pakistan, Iran and perhaps a few more "democratic" countries around the world.

We want.... elections NOW, we need restoration of democracy ASAP.



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