Apr 9, 2008

Sounds familiar, mr Daniel Fried?

+ Time to go home, Eddy. +

- Psit, Mr. Fried. Why won't you ask someone in St. Department to translate this for you?
In "Macedonian language" of course - though as you said, they teach this language there!

- Comic strip by Gary Larson (copyright 1993 FarWorks, Inc. and Distrubuted by Creators Syndicate).
- Published in comics magazine "9" and "Eleftherotypia" newspaper, March 26, 2008.
- Found in a pile of old newspapers that -as proved, I had done well not to recycle yet.

I'm back you motherfathers. New post will follow ASAP.

Mr. fried, don't go away. I got more comin' up for you. From CNN this time.




Χαμένο κορμί said...


Το ΄ξερα μωρή τρελή οτι δε θα άντεχες να αφήσεις το φιλοθεάμων κοινό σου χωρίς την παρουσία σου!!!

Mantalena Parianos said...

Εσύ είσαι χαμενιοκόρμιε; Τον Ντάνιελ Φριντ περίμενα.


Βάσκες said...

Κου κου, τσα μας έκανες;